When GPs Go Bad

Having a General Practical Physician (GPs) is becoming a very rare quality in the medical profession. In fact I would venture to say that currently there is no other specialty that has so few GPs. His predecessor had a hundred point difference between him and the average doctor.

I care for a finance manager at a large financial institution. I can tell you that finance has been hardest job I have ever had. You are required to have a bachelor’s degree, which in itself is a barrier. They expect you to have excellent research skills, and be able to present summaries of your CV. Now I’m not surprised at all by the fact that fewer than 5% of finance managers have a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, I’m sure that finance managers are not exactly viewed as having the “ideal” job.

Another medical specialty that is even rarer than GPs is Helicopter pilot. I doubt if you ever heard of this. But having a helicopter pilot as a Primary Care Doctor is a perfect example of how a medical specialty can help you out.

As a fundraiser I have heard many times that the reason they need doctors is because they can’t make enough money otherwise. And with medical specialty jobs becoming so rare, they are the ones that have to rely on part-time and temporary job opportunities. The average medical education extends a period of 4-6 weeks. After this time you are expected to complete your medical training, which may last 18-24 weeks.

After you have completed your training, what are you going to do? Many do this by becoming a hospitalist. becoming a nurse specialist, or a doctor of health services. While there are several ways to specialize in your primary care areas, the way I know of is to become a specialist in family medicine.

Family Medicine is a specialty that is piece of cake compared to the average patient. You can see and do amazing procedures when you are in the guidelines of your specialty. Because you have the trust and confidence in your medical knowledge, you are able to explore lesser depth on a regular basis. This is a great way to treat patients and find the best medications for their medical problems. Family medicine specialties include family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and primary care.

As a family medicine specialist you have many facets to focus on. Family medicine includes the periodic medicine, primary care, and preventive care. We will only take care of the complications that affect the body. We want to keep the body healthy and comfortable until we correct it.

preventive care including those things we do every day like cleanse, implementation of preventative medicine, treating infection, injuries, and so on. We will try our best to prevent illness as much as possible.

primary care is those things which must be done as soon as possible. These include providing emotional, spiritual, and physical support to the family. Sometimes we have to address emotional traumas and situations that may be stressful on a daily basis.

When you become a family medicine specialist, you will be able to provide care for a whole family. Different areas of family medicine are involved in the various specialty areas. Abbott hospital is famous for its excellent cardiovascular care; attentivealliatives, anxiety, stress, and pain relief are among the primary care services provided by the hospital.

Checking and managing a health situation is extremely important. Whether its children, adults, or seniors you have to think and act responsibly and responsibly. Let me give you a real life example.

Most of the time when traveling through southwestern part of Australia or the Northern Territory you are likely to see the rich red sand dunes. If you are a fan of red sand dunes or desert touring, you will love travelling through these hot beds of sand. Many people see these hot sands and say “that’s what I want to do.” Get a campervan and venture out to see this land of sand and desert.

Today the best way to see the sand dunes and red dunes is through the viewscreens of your campervan. Whether you want to trek through the sand dunes on foot or 4WD you will certainly have your trip of a lifetime. If you are touring through time stakes, you will see a mot just about anywhere.

Look for the giant boulders and you will notice they have stayed put for thousands of years. There are also fine golden and silica dust devils that will move across the desert. The dust devils are caused by evaporating moisture from the underlying land.

840km of the Moreton coast is covered by the red dunes. The best time to see the dunes is during low tides when the water is rushing and can build to 30 metres high. This area of the coast has been shaped by the sea, wind and rain, leaving dramatic cliffs and hills.